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Installing the fan:

As per the Power HAT board, if the fan isn't fitted to the PCB please follow these instructions:

You can download the PDF from here:

Fan fitment.jpg

Please ensure the FAN sticker is facing up and dress the wires as shown above. If the fan starts to rattle then the wires should be adjusted. Ensure the fan is secure in the bracket.

Connecting the HAT board to LCD Screen (cables):

The LCD adapter board should be connected to the HAT board in the follow way:

PiLITE exploded.24.png
PiLITE exploded.152.png

PiPAD Dual & Lite are wired in the same way.

The 4 wires should be connected to the LCD adapter board as shown.

Ensure the 12 way header is seated correctly and the mechanical location dowel in the PCB holes.

LCD connector.jpg

Connect the corresponding pin to the LCD adapter board.

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