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oneninedesign raspberry pi action camera splash proof

Rubber gaskets used in the construction mean that the ActionCAM is ready to take on most environments. 

Splash Proof

ActionCAM web preview mode

Using a web browser the ActionCAM can be managed remotely. Log-in using the IP address to get access to the live preview window and interactive capture with the virtual shutter button. You can also access menu options as well as quick stats such as Wifi, Bluetooth and power status.

browser preview

oneninedesign ActionCAM camera modes

The ActionCAM features 5 camera modes:

  • Video Capture

  • Still Capture

  • Time Lapse Mode

  • Slow Motion Video Capture

  • User Programmable Mode

Camera modes

oneninedesign actioncam tripod image

The time lapse mode is editable to adjust the time between shots and ISO sensitivity. Default duration is 60 seconds.

Time lapse

oneninedesign actioncam go pro attachment

The slow motion mode captures video in 720p @ 60fps.

Slow(ish) Motion

Taken On Actioncam

Sample Photos