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The PiPAD   Family

Designed for Pi 4

PiPAD Dual

PiPAD Lite

PiPAD is distributed via Farnell, click the logo to go direct:

Farnell logo.png

The PiPAD family consists of two product solutions; PiPAD Lite & PiPad Dual. Both have been designed around the Raspberry Pi foundation 7" LCD screen. What's the difference? PiPAD Lite is designed for those who wish to manage the power correctly whilst being tethered to a power supply. PiPAD Dual is a standalone battery powered solution with up to 3 hours screen time. Assembly instruction can be found here:

PiPAD Dual case

Both models are available in 4 colours:

  • Clear

  • White

  • Black

  • Red

PiPAD explodd.169.png

PiPAD Dual runs on two 18650 2200mAhLi-ion Cells. Our batteries are UL/UN approved for your peace of mind.

Running Pi4 often means concerns over heat so we've added our axial fan to improve air flow and maintain operating temperatures.

PiPAD Dual

PiPAD explodd.161.png

PiPAD Dual is easy to assemble and comes with all the necessary fixings to complete the product. The LCD screen, Pi4 and SD card are sold separately via other distributors.


PiPAD Dual & PiPAD Lite have our integrated power HAT PCB that enables safe start-up & power-down operations. The Power Button is situated at the centre of the product and the LED array symbolises power operations, flashing GREEN or RED signifies product status. 

PiPAD Dual & PiPAD Lite have maintained access to the Pi4 connectors.

PiLITE array.19.png

PiPAD Lite

PiPAD Lite also adopts our Power HAT solution and Power Button assembly.


PiPAD Lite consists of two mouldings that are simply clipped together making the assembly very quick.

PiLITE exploded.25.png
PiLITE exploded.24.png

Assembling the Power HAT board is intuitive and requires no screws.

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