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How To Create a Bootable SD for Your ActionCAM

What you'll need...
Before you begin make sure you have:
  • ActionCAM self assembly kit box
  • Desktop PC/Laptop 
  • Micro SD card reader/adapter
  • 16gb (minimum) Micro SD card
Programs you'll need:
  • Place Micro SD card into the card reader/adaptor
  • A windows computer will prompt you with a message asking what you would like to do with the volume, ignore this and open the SD formatter tool. 
  • Ensure the correct device is named in the in the top bar on the program, then click format and wait for it to complete.
  • Once the SD card has been formatted, open Win32DiskImager
  • If you haven't already, download the ActionCAM ISO from our website HERE
  • Back on Win32DiskImager select the ActionCAM ISO as the 'image file', then ensure your SD cards identifier is in the window labelled 'device'.
  • Click 'write' to begin creating your bootable ActionCAM SD card.
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