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Now in stock WY-Pi

Spectrum 1.1089.png

WY-Pi is our total solution for Raspberry Pi Zero & Raspberry Pi 4...

...using our Bluetooth Keyboard & mechanical enclosure to tidy up your development workspace...

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What's included:

  • Our 7" BT Keyboard & charger cable

  • Upper Keyboard holder

  • Lower Pi mount

  • Pi Zero & Pi 4 blanking plates

  • Door cover

  • Axial Fan & connector PCB

Spectrum 1.1092.png

Cover up...

You might want to chose to close up the redundant holes with the supplied covers...just snap them out from the upper moulding...

Spectrum 1.1104.png


Raspberry Pi Zero (W)

Raspberry Pi 4

Locations for either...

Spectrum 1.1103.png
Spectrum 1.1094.png


We've added plenty of ventilation for improved convection and forced cooling with the integration of our axial fan. Especially helpful to maintain Pi 4 operating thresholds.

Spectrum 1.1098.png

Wire dressing...

Keep it clutter free with our wire dressing channel & door..

Spectrum 1.1099.png
Spectrum 1.1105.png
WYPI Fan fitment.jpeg


(1) Slip the keyboard under the retention clip towards the top of the upper moulding and (2) snap the bottom into place.

Spectrum 1.1096.png
Spectrum 1.1097.png

Keyboard charging

The keyboard comes with a micro USB cable to enable charging of the built-in Lithium battery.

If you want to know more just drop us an email:

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