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Ariel Case Study

ARIEL is a 1 m class telescope with 3 photometric channels and 3 spectroscopic channels covering continuously 0.5 to 0.78 microns in wavelengths. The goal of ARIEL is to survey ~1000 transiting exoplanets from gas giants to rocky planets in the hot to temperate zones.

  • Will this affect your conclusions on whether Groupe Ariel should approve the project? Part 1 Part 3 Inflation rate for France 3%, for Mexico 7% Interest rate in France 8%, in Mexico 12.19% S (MXN/€) = 15.99 Method 1 NPV (€) = NPV (MXN) /15.99 = 92,553.55 Method 2 NPV (€) = 92,495.19 Inflation rate for France 3%, for Mexican 3% Interest rate is 8%

  • Ariel first appeared in the UK in 1967 as the first detergent with stain removing enzymes In 2010, Ariel brought out their Stain Remover product range, claiming to customers that it would get rid of their stains first time or their money back Results Glass Pop-Up Installation 100% of the gaming slots were filled There was 36 hours of live gaming

  • Case studies Snapshot Ariel’s campaign to get consumers to wash clothes at lower temperatures persuaded them that they could do something to battle climate change. Key insights A strong commitment to promoting sustainability led to a breakthrough campaign which encouraged consumers to save energy by washing at lower temperatures.

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